I know you’re ready to make a lasting change in your life and impact others with your gifts, talents and message!

You get to learn from me, how I’ve sold over 300,000 books, received over 15 million podcast downloads, and gained millions and millions of views and followers on social media. I want to show you what's possible when you have a message and the drive to make a difference. If I could do it, so can you. The only limits on your life are the ones you create. This isn’t the year to play it small! No more settling. No more procrastinating. No more excuses. If you have fears about it, that’s natural. Conquering your fears brings confidence. I’m right here to help give you that knowledge and awareness that you need. I’m here to walk you through the steps you need to take. I’m here to be your biggest support and accountability partner. Let’s do this!


It’s your time to start building solid relationships and connections that will take you far and help you create the success you desire. Master adding value to the people or where it needs to be which is a key to any lasting business or passion. Start legacy building with content that you want to leave with your kids and the world. The message you want to leave from your life. I would love to be your guide as you start or continue your journey of making a positive impact. With over a decade of experience, over thirteen years to be extract, I have a lot of knowledge and expertise to share with you. And, I don’t gate keep anything. I want you to be one of the best at what you do. I want you to impact the world just by being you… that’s powerful, that’s your power. Listen, this course is for everyone. Whether you’re just getting started, you haven’t started at all or you’re already well on your way. This course will help elevate your business and your impact to that next level and beyond. I didn’t become a top motivational speaker, best selling author, top podcaster worldwide and top business consultant by holding back my gifts. I’m going to share all of the do’s and don’t I have learned by building my own business from the ground up. And, also I’m going to teach you how to use tools you already have available to transform your online presence into online greatness. You’ll learn how to scale your revenue and create evergreen wealth. Yes, you can do this by being an online creator. Let go of any previous negative ideas you may have had about being online and making money. I want you to end this course with confidence in yourself and your message, so that you can connect with those who need your story and also create an online revenue at the same time. By the end of the 4 weeks you’ll have the tools and the roadmap to be a top online creator and there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to jump into the creator space. Maybe it’s time freedom your looking for, maybe you want to make this your life or to just have a strong online presence. No matter what you specifically want to do or gain from this course, it will all be laid out for you and it’s tangible. There’s no better feeling than when your work is your purpose and your purpose is your work. When you’re doing what you love to do and being able to make a living from it. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible, and I’m here to show you how to achieve it. Let’s be real, there are a lot of successful people on this planet, even a lot of successful online creators… but there is only one you. That’s what makes this so special, you’re different from everyone else. It’s time to shine your light and I'm here to help you create the online success you desire.


  • SELF AWARENESS - Who You Are | Your Purpose

  • PRESENCE - Your Magnet | Show Up As Yourself

  • ENGAGEMENT - Create Your Community | Capture Interest

  • IMPACT - Leadership | Success | Legacy

  • Self Study is a go at your pace course with no live instruction from Trent and no live zooms with Trent. You do have access to live support throughout the course to help you!


  • Are there a lot of online creators?

    Yes. There is roughly 2 million successful online creators that would call this their full time job.

  • If there are already so many successful online creators then how is there any room left for me to be successful?

    Out of the millions of creators there is still only one you! Your gift and talents are specific to you. You’re uniquely one of one. There will always be room for you when you’re sharing your gift to the world.

  • Does the course guarantee that I will be successful?

    No. It is impossible to guarantee that you will be successful, if I cannot personally make you take the steps and do the work. I can’t make you do anything. I can give you my time, the tools to use, the knowledge I’ve learned and all of the step to take, but it ultimately falls on you. Your success, depends on you. Your involvement. Your willingness. Your participation. Your effort. Your purpose. Your consistency. And your drive. Those are things out of my control, but completely within yours.

  • What is the cost?

    For the VIP course the cost is $3000. We also offer an interactive course for $299 and a “pay what you can” course. Note that the interactive course will not have the personal consultation or special surprise and the pay what you can course is a self study course that does not include live zooms, personal consultation or special surprise.

  • Can I get a refund?

    You may get a refund up to day 1 of the course. After that, there are no refunds.


You are one step closer to impacting those who need your message, purpose and passion.


    Live support will be available to you throughout the course. We are here for your success.



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